Hybrid (Insulated Steel Panel) Doors

This option includes the following:

Steel rear panel .... Improves security over standard GRP doors
Thermally insulated .... A foam inner core offers thermal insulation so you can protect your goods stored in your garage from the cold
Weather seals .... Side seals reduce any draughts and debris entering your garage
Tough ABS front veneer .... The external veneer, in Georgian, Sunburst or Marquis designs completes this unique door, offering low maintenance, dent free and is easily cleaned against graffiti

The most budget friendly option (if possible) would be to utilise your existing steel door. A variety of Veneers, in any colour can be fitted to your door. Please see our Door Covers page for more information.

We are happy to visit your home to discuss any of the options available to you, we will then be able to provide a tailored quote to meet your needs with no obligation!


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